Pull up a chair and get comfy so I can tell you a bit about adam and e.. I {e} recently married the most AMAZING man in the world. While he works hard to maintain the law, I'll be photographing the world around us. This blog is about where we've been, where we're going, and where we hope to be... our first destination was ENGLAND... and now you can find us in J A P A N. Come share our adventures with us.


the moose diaries:: an introduction.

meet moose.
he's furry.
he's tiny. (weighing in at about a whopping 2 lbs.)
he's cuddly.
he's extra playful.
he's japanese. 
he's part toy poodle/maltese/pekingese.
 he's the most adorable pup you'll ever see.
...and he's the newest addition to the mudge family. 

now, some of you may be thinking right now (apart from the fact that you thought the mudges fell off the side of the blog'osphere due to radio silence for the past month{s} ), "i thought winston was your doggie name for your pug." well, my friends, marriage is all about compromise... and since we both couldn't agree on a puggie we had to choose another kind of pup. 
and lemme tell you-- i'm so glad we did. 
L O V E.

without further ado.....  meet our dog child.

yes, it's okay to cry because of cuteness overload.

mudge love.

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